Private recreation in a mountain gorge Kok-Moinok


Combining European comfort
and the national charm

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Kirgizia is in the TOP-5 popular countries for tourism according to Lonely Planet

The best place for exclusive recreation and ethno-tourism

An unique place of natural beauty and environmental resources - Kok-Moinok gorge - is only 60 minutes travel from Bishkek - the capital of Kirgizia.

Here, away from city noise, surrounded by mountain streams, waterfalls and relict forests you can find sheltered:

  • comfortable chalet, which adornments combine European and Oriental flavours,
  • horse stable and grazing lands,
  • lake with rainbow trout,
  • bee farm,
  • and national Kyrgyz yurts.

Swiss chalet with elements of Kyrgyz national flavour

The two-storey house in the Swiss chalet style faced in natural wood - elm.

497 m2

floor space

20 ha

home lands

1600 m

above sea level

Elm belongs to semiprecious woods. According to a legend, it rejuvenates, helps indwellers keep a clear head and cheerful mind.

We achieved the harmony of European functionality and Oriental touch in its interior decoration and trimmings.

Stunning view
of the mountains

The main attraction of the chalet is its panoramic view on the gorge and mountain ridges of unbeatable beauty.

Thanks to two-storey high windows you can enjoy this unforgettable scenery, relaxing in a cozy living room with leather sofas and a natrual-stone fireplace.

Tranquil sleep

The cozy interior of the bedrooms and the peace of the mountain gorge will immerse you in deep and quiet, undisturbed sleep till morning.

The chalet has four comfortable bedrooms with solid wood beds to accommodate 9 adults (or 6 adults and 6 kids).

Rooms are also decorated with some elements of the national interior. For example, traditional Kyrgyz carpets - shirdaks.

Plaid blankets, bedlinen, bathrobes, towels and the national Kyrgyz soap - everything is made of natural hypoallergenic materials.

Each bedrron has shower and WC.

and European cuisine

Throughout your entire vacation, a personal chef will cook for you delicious meals of ethnic Kyrgyz cuisine: besh barmak, pilaf, manti (damplings), lagman, lamb on roaster.

He is always ready to serve Western meals at your desire. You will be able to take a look at the menu and approve the list of dishes immediately upon checking into the chalet.

All meals are served in a cozy dining-room at a grand nutwood table.

What else can you do in the house?

Visit hamam

We fit out hamam in one of the chalet rooms for the Turkish bath lovers.

Watch movies

Getting tired of active leisure? Spend a quiet family evening watching movies in our home theater.

Take care of business

Need to work a little bit? You can retire in a cozy cabinet equipped with a sky-fi notebook.

Play games

While adults are resting, the little ones can have fun in the nursery playing with Sony PS4 game console.

Fresh air fun

Captivating recreation awaits you around the chalet: fishing, horse riding, horse shoe show, pasturing yaks, goats, sheep; as well as a feast and overnight stay in authentic Kyrgyz yurts.


There is a pond with rainbow and golden trout – eco-clean fish of excellent taste. Our guests have a chance to catch fish and cook meals from it. Mini-fishing will give much pleasure to both adults and kids.

Those who appreciate a more professional fishing can take a shot at fishing in a mountain steam.

Interacting with animals

We have our own animal farm where you can encounter authentic yaks, wild sheep, hunting dogs - Taigans.

Horse riding

Horse stable is a big attraction of Kok-Moinok. Our horsemen will demonstrate you a horse shoe show. And experienced instructors offer horse tours to a mountain waterfall.


Have a stroll along the gorge with our guide who will tell you about the history of Kirgizia and the place where you are.

We also offer a tour to Bishkek – the capital of Kirgizia and to the nearest attractions in the district.

Sight-seeing around

capital of Kirgizia
72 km

Buran Tower
Minar, the X-XI cent.
32 km

ski resort
26 km

the oldest resort with healing springs
24 km


Archery is another ethnic tradition. Our instructor will help you master or improve this skill.

Honey gathering

On the territory of the chalet, you can feel like a real beekeeper and collect honey for breakfast for yourself and your family.

— relax in yurts

Do you want to get a unique ethnic experience, feel the life and traditions of the indigenous population of Kirgizia?

Spend time in national Kyrgyz yurts that we restored in the fazenda.

In the yurt of the khan, we will cover a festive dinner for you from national Kyrgyz dishes. Cook the lamb on a spit.

If you wish, you can stay in yurts for the night. This authentic dwelling is made manually of natural felt, so it is warm in the yurt at night and in cool weather.

How to get here

We will meet you at Manas airport (Bishkek). It takes a little over 1 hour to get to the chalet.

Comfortable cars: Toyota Land Cruiser / Mercedes-Benz minivan are at your disposal.


Kok-Moinok chalet is available for booking as a unit. It can comfortably accommodate 9 adults or 6 adults and 6 children.
You can come for family vacations or with a company of friends.

Price for 1 night: $ 1500.


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+996 551 12 88 22

Irina Basovskaya, manager